Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa sacks with my mominlaw

Today I spent the day shopping for flannel to make Santa sacks with my mother in law. It is always fun to do a project together to get excited for the season. I found GREAT sales at Joanne fabrics on snuggle and noel prints. I picked some plainer patterns for the boys and some chubby christmas animal patterns for the girls. Ethan got pooh Christmas. The reason we are making them is that we scratched Secret Santa this year and just set a 10 dollar limit for everyone instead. So we are getting all the siblings a gift for 10 dollars and spending the same as one SS gift. I like buying for everyone and this makes it affordable. So everybody will have an assigned santa sack and when we go over for Christmas day we will drop their presents into their sacks and we can open around the room and take turns! I am so excited...It is also really practical because you have one bag to bring all your gifts home in and back next year with all your gifts in it. Andrea my sister in law helped for a little bit when she stopped by and my nephew ethan came over for a while and made ornaments.
Basicaly you just sew them like a large pillow case but leaving a hole for the ribbon on both sides at the top. They came out SO GREAT!!! I hope everyone likes them! Rascal fell asleep on the fabric hahaFinished Products!!