Sunday, March 24, 2013


I have been doing well with the exersize and eating healthy. Down 5 lbs. :) I just ordered Turbo Jam by Beachbody and have a personal coach. Time to rev up the workouts!! I am pumped!

Jack is very mobile now almost running around the house. He is trying to make conversation but has about four words in his vocab :) He wants to kiss everyone all the time. He is so smart and responds at appropriate times with jabber talk lol.

Family stuff and work stuff is keeping me very busy lately. We celebrated my nieces 3rd bday last night and I CANT believe she is three. Today we have a family meeting for a sibling who needs some extra family support and then celebrate another siblings bday. It will be a very busy weekend and it is almost over. I hate that two days is never enough time to unwind. But at church this morning I will pause and absorb and take in all God has to tell me. I will praise him and feel rested. Then I can go on with my crazy day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

week one overview

So last week was week one of working out every day. Behne Boot camp started up at my friends house 2 days a week. I was hoping to lose weight but it didn't happen. But I did lose 6inches.  And MORE IMPORTANTLY after 155 days without cycling I got a period!!! So tomorrow I finally can have my saline sonogram to check for any imperfections in my uterine shape or lining that would be causing the RPL.

GOAL THIS WEEK: work out 6 days and stick to meal plan every day.

This week I am jumping on a 30 day meal plan that will keep me accountable. No last minute nap time poor meal decisions.  I saw on last night's biggest loser "you have to want the health changes and the weight loss more than that cup cake. And I know it is true. I haven't wanted it bad enough I DO NOW.

The Jillian Michael's shed and shred DVD is AWESOME.  I will be doing that 6 days a week now.  Along with my yummy juice.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Full Red : TMI Warning

So after a few weeks of eating healthy, juicing, starting to exercise again (This week exercising  every day with two boot camp workouts ), and losing 7 pounds I am pleased to announce that today on day 155 without a period  I AM FULL RED FLOW!!!!!!!

I know this is semi ridiculous to be celebrating but for me it means Health is on it's way and hopefully regular cycles and testing will ensue. I am calling the High risk OB office today to schedule my uterine septum testing for RPL.  I have been waiting 5 MONTHS for this test because I need it to be 5 days after cycle day 1.

I am going to start a FF chart today too just for kicks. I am very excited to see this change in my body and my health. ( My mental health needed this one :) Just ask the hubster)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big Changes

So I added back in some normal healthier meals and that led to snacks...Sugar is definitely an addiction. So I am cutting back out the processed foods again. Fruits and veggies and fresh juice for snacks and meals and a dinner with the hubs and babe every night that is healthy. I have worked out every day this week and hoping to see weight loss on Monday when I weigh in again.

On another note I am applying to colleges this coming week so I have a 10 year plan for a career that I am being called to and something that will impact others lives in a big way and help me better support my family and my soul. I am going to school to become a Nurse MidWife.

Big changes are upon me. I feel good about them. Determined to have the best self I can. Healthy, changing, expanding, learning, and Happy.

Making God my center has truly changed my life. I know he has big plans for me. I am just along for the ride feeling his call and answering YES!!