Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Okay so I just was surfing my usual blogs i follow and Windy Poplars is one of my favorites. They are doing a Friendship swap and im so excited!! Join with me my fellow fall craft lovers!! Check it out here...http://windy-poplars.blogspot.com/p/kindred-krafts.html !!

Friday, August 27, 2010

CD5 to Double or not to Double??

Well here we are at CD5 and I had my preliminary ultrasound today. And then the dreaded 3 hour wait to get results. This is my first time having a prelim CD5 u/s so I wasnt sure what kind of numbers I should be wanting. I only had 1 measurable follicle at 10.5 :(. I know im no pro but i dont think that is good and my eastradile was 118 ICK!! So the RE Said to double my follistum, so i have 150 tommorow and sunday then OPK mon-wed, and if no Positive OPK before wed then u/s and BW wed. I hope by then my estradile goes waaayyy up and i have at least 3 or 4 follicles. I was super bummed about it all day :( I actually sat here on forums reading about CD5 u/s results for others, which continued to depress me more. So I turned naturally to A BABY STORY and all those other depressing hows imagining a day where that would be me and DH. *sigh* Hopefully i wake up more positive tommorow.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PCOS the struggle

Okay, so I havent blogged in way too long. But honestly the only thing that is on my mind these days is getting pregnant. I feel like I try to block it out and entertain my days with work, friends, house things, but really that is what I am really thinking about 24/7. We have been trying for 2 years to no avail. I have never been pregnant. We were doing basic clomid fertility treatments about a year ago. And it wasnt working i needed injections and it was too expensive. We decided to give it a break for a while. Well I was walking through wal mart a few months ago and saw a onsie that said wishes do come true. It was the only one in some random section and on clearance for 3 dollars. I bought it and the next day a co worker came to me (she also struggles with PCOS) and said I should get on this insurance because it covers a good amount for infertility. I asked my HR rep and she said yes and retro'd me to the begining of the month, i called and made an appt with my fert specialist. It all happened so fast, but it felt really meant to be. I just ended my first cycle with Clomid and Follistum injections, with a BFN unfortunately. But i spoke with my dr after this cycle and said I wondered since everything looked right last time except my estrodile was a little low, if maybe we could up the dose of the follistum. He said we would do an extra ultrasound after clomid before follistum this cycle to see how many and the condition of my follicles at that point to see if we should stick with the dose or up it. He doesnt want to "give me too strong of a chance of multiples if we dont have to" Is it terrible that I dont care, because upping the dose might yes give me a stronger chance of multiples, but also a better chance for a pregnancy all together. So I am hoping fridays ultrasound shows 4 or less follicles so I can have the stronger dose and GET PREGNANT!!! Fingers crossed ofr this cycle.