Monday, September 28, 2009


The funniest thing about my puppy is that she falls asleep in these terribly akward positions and about every five minutes or so she flops into an equally akward, equally hillarious position and most of the time while snoring or sleep huffing and puffing sort of half barking. I love to watch her sleep I just laugh and laugh. This was a funny one!!

So it is so cold here in the mornings now and chilly during the day =( that I had to bring in my plants and I put them in my craft room un der a window. This seems to be a great light source during the day because they are doing magnificently. I love my mexican hat plant! And my Angelina seedum is funny! Here they are ....

This is my crazy Angelina Seedum haha it looks like hair!!!
This is my wonderful Mexican Hat Plant. It is obviously called that because all the babies grow on the edgesof the leaves and look like the pom poms on the mexican hats hehe. I love this one because it has a million babies that grow into a big plant like mine. I am going to give the babies away for Christmas gifts in decorative pots.

This is the biggest MH baby I have so far.

This is the other pot of MH babies i have.

These are the beautiful Gerber daisies Nicolle my sister in law left for me ont he front porch the morning of our 1 year anniversary. Because the were one of our wedding flowers with a card and sparkling grape juice and donuts lol!

Me and Britt at her annual fall party

Meg was home for the weekend so we went there for a fire after britts

The flowers and middle card from my husband the morn ing of our anniversary, and nicolles and my moms. We went to breakfast with Meg and then Church with Andrea, then lunch with my mom and stepdad, tghen portland for the homegoods store christmas tree shops and Love Happens at cinemagic, GREAT MOVIE!!! then dinner at Bugaboo captain n diet and bbq chix nachos EVER!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Okay Justine Here Ya Go!! XOXO

Hi everyone!!!
So i am being harrassed to post updated house pics so here they are.
Also I should be starting my period soon and that means one step closer to having a bambino!! I will have my October Ovulation Evaluation then start Chlomid in November...Some people get prego on the first shot!!! I hope I am one of those girls, also we have a twenty five percent chance of having twins and Jaosns granparents on both sides had twins so he is the generation that would have them anyway...So big chances ahhhh I told him they had to be girls to even out the playing field. Chrissy had the first grandkid and John and andrea are having a boy too. So hopefully we can bring in the first girl grandbaby. I also start my Metformin this month which ill regulate my insulin and help me shed the weight.


Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello everyone! It has been a few days since my last blog so... I am signing officially for my house on friday!!! YAY WOOHOO! Oh and recently I was diagnosed with PCOS, which is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which can cause infertility, which is why i don't have a baby yet!
I see a specialist this wednesday.
I had my nephew Ethan and cousin Nicholas over last night for a backyard tent out!! It was so much fun. We roasted marshmellows and made smores and did sparklers. Then we played flashlight tag in the pitch black lol slept out in the tent until midnight then i called my husband to come bring us all in because I was soooo sick. Today I am sicker...big headcold.
Now me and the girls...Britt and Nicolle are just sitting around doing nails and catching up in our jammy jams. Miss you Justine wish you were here having some quality girl time.