Friday, August 26, 2011

18 week update

I am 18 weeks 4 days pregnant and in awe. I am loving every exauhsting and elating moment. I was in my best friend's wedding as the Maid of honor last weekend and it was amazing. The look on her husbands face as he saw her coming down the aisle for the first time looking like a supermodel angel was priceless. I will never forget the emotion of that day.

They are going to have a wonderful happy life together, and will be the best godparents to this baby I am carrying that we could ever ask for :)

I hope they are enjoying their honeymoon despite the cancelled cruise to the bahamas because of that Bitch Irene.


We are planning a gender reveal party for September 17th at my house. I am thinking I want it to be a brunch type thing now so we can go buy something for boy or girl in the afternoon. And my hubby got the 18th off so we can REGISTER!!! This is so exciting. The UNexciting part is that our anatomy scan is on the 12th and we have to wait all week for that envelope to be opened and tell us who we are expecting...Jack or Carly???

Here is the 18 week pic.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Im a loser of a blogger

I am so sorry. I have not been posting like a good blogger should. Pregnancy has taken over my brain and my life. I love every second of it to pieces but I cant find time for online things right now.
Also the other half of my brain and life is consumed gleefully by my best friends wedding. It is only 7 days away now and I CAN"T WAIT. It is going to be so fabulous. She has DIYed everything. Her living room is wedding central. I know she is so ready for the day to be here. I have started trying to write my speech. But what can you say when someone has been such a huge part of your life and this is one of the biggest days in theirs. I cry when i say the word speech never mind actually writing one or READING one. OMG I am praying for dry eye syndrome the day of.
Nate is such a wonderful man. I am so completely happy for her and for him, he got the best girl he could have.

Off to spend the last weekend before the wedding with the Bride doing all the last minute things. I will leave you with my 16 week belly shot..Perfectly tells you how I am feeling this week EXAUHSTED (sitting in the recliner)

Monday, August 1, 2011

15 weeks

I cannot believe it when another weeks goes by and i am still pregnant. I am in love with the acrobat inside.

Still nauseous but it is more like every third day now. My aversions are the things I had to have every day when I wasnt pregnant. I used to have dessert every night mostly icecream. Now i look forward to a meal and truly only eat dessert when I am attending a bday party.

I have been trying to eat all organic fruits and veggies.

I am feeling a flutter here and there.

I have an appointment next week!!!!

And we are planning a gender reveal party for September 17th. SO excited to find out the sex.