Sunday, November 27, 2011

day 12 since water broke UPDATE

Okay so my contractions stopped all day yesterday besides a few randoms.
Last night they were far apart and less intense. This morning I was woken and told I have a UTI and it is resistant to the antibiotic I have been taking so I started another one. In a few days it should clear up and that will hopefully stop these contractions I have been having and we may still make it to 34 weeks!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is a big milestone...32 weeks!! And at 32 weeks 4 days (on Friday) They will measure him again ( which I am so curious for) and give me a second round of steroids!! Which I want him to get so badly.

So that is the deal for now, off high alert, still very sore and uncomfortable from these contractions. Hanging in though.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 days post water break.. 31w 5d

Last night was horrible....
I had contractions every 4 minutes since 6pm. My dog is sick at home and she was my first baby i miss her so much and cant be there to take care of her. My water like broke again standing up to go pee this morning and I lost almost half the fluid inside. I am now an AFI6 and there isn't the criterial2x2 pocket anymore. My belly is sore and I am in a rotten mood.

I am waiting to hear what the Dr has to say but yesterday they said they are just watching and waiting until things blatantly point to infection. So here I am contracting still sitting n this bed.

Whining over. Grateful to have given him 10 extra days... hope to make it to 32 w and get another measurement of him and steroids again.

Friday, November 25, 2011

8 days past water breaking UPDATE

I had small contractions all night and this morning...they seemed to have died down now but this causes concern for possible infection. They are monitoring me closely now and I am waiting to hear from the doctor now. If they fear infection we could possibly be going upstairs to be induced tonight.

He has had 8 days longer than I thought he was going to. I have to be grateful for that even though we would love more.

I will update once Dr comes.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 8 post water breaking

It is Thanksgiving...I am reminded every day how much I truly have to be thankful for.

I can't believe how blessed I am to still be carrying this baby. He is all cuddled up inside with no complaints right now and I am beginning to get pretty sore in my midsection which they are watching carefully for infection. But we are here, still healthy, still pregnant. MIRACLE.

My husband is what I am most thankful for. Without him my life would hold less sparkle. He is my rock through all our trying times and this one is no exception. Even though I know how scared he is, he rarely shows it. Our son will have such an amazing role model in him.

Ou friends and family who have stood by us helping with everything you don't imagine you will need that you indeed do. They are such a phenomenal support team. We need them so much.

I am also reminded today all this could change any minute. He could become distressed, i could become infected, or i could merely start laboring again... and then he will be separated from me. Don't get me wrong all babies are eventually separated from our bodies but they usually are put to our chest. When we are separated he is whisked away directly he won't be held up and shown to me just taken into someone else's care. I know that is where I want my preemie baby to be... I just am sad that I can't do for him what he will need done. I will have to rely on strangers to do those things. And depending on my state I may not even get to see him for days. Depending on his state I may not be able to touch him for days... But regardless of all those sad things i am feeling grateful today to still be attached to my baby boy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 5 post water break... 31 weeks!

I am so happy we were able to keep him in until now. I am praying every day for just one more day with him in and healthy. I had some contractions on the monitor yesterday but none this morning. Really praying hard to make it to 32 weeks for this little man.

Jason went to work today to hopefully work a short day and save some paid time for when everything starts to happen. He is 40 min away and it is a little nerve wrecking. But I have amazing friends and family that are keeping me company here and there.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update ( 4 days after water broke)

Feeling blessed that he has been showing no distress looking happy on his monitor. No contractions that are regular or measurable really. I made it through another night pregnant. That is what I am thankful for this morning. I am still leaking fluid all day but apparently we rebuild it little by little. and even though I lose it as long as he is staying stable and we show no signs of infection we are going to try and stick together and cook for another 3 weeks one day until we are 34 weeks. Then the risks out way the benefits and we will deliver our little baby boy.

I pray every minute that we can make it there. We will see what the day holds.

I am so thankful for all the prayers and thoughts and good wishes for my family. And all the visitors :)

Thank you Sicotte/ Eaton Families for the Preemie and Newborn clothes!!

Thank you Julia and Nicolle for helping us with loving and taking care of our furbabies!!!

I will update tonight if the day changes anything.

Friday, November 18, 2011

**Update 30 weeks 4 days ( 24 hrs after water broke)

So they took an ultrasound this morning and I have a level 2 amniotic fluid... (most people 8-20) so i basically lost it all. But I am not having any contractions...he is measuring 4.8 lbs today but the fact that he is large is probably due to gestational diabetes and most likey will work against and not for him according to the NICU dr I spoke with today.

He through a lot of what we may most likely see him go through and be hooked up to. That was scary but helpful. I feel lucky to have been able to listen to it and absorb it and not after he was born and i was to much in shock to hear it.

So we are a bit prepared for a premmie delivery.

I didn't however get seen by my dr today like we were expecting. I am trying not to be super pissed but instead taking it as a good sign that we werent high enough priority.

In small small almost meaningless news I blew a vein in my hand from an iv and it hurt. It seems stupid to say but it is the only real update I have lol. I have a new one in my arm...much better.

Hopefully I will update tommorow after seeing my dr.

please keep praying for us we need it all.


I am admitted to Maine Medical center. 1 hour away from my home because they have a great NICU. I lost all my water yesterday. I just had an unltrasound there is barely any in there. I am waiting for the doctor to come in after seeing the US results to tell us our plan of action. I am only 30 weeks 4 days and not ready to deliver him this prematurely. There plan before the US results were to hopefully get me to atleast 32 weeks bedrest in hospital constant monitoring. I already recieved one steroid shot and i get the second one at 3:30 pm today. I am praying for atleast 2 or 3 more days to give the steroids full effect. But if without infection or complication I could go a few more weeks I would love to hit their goal or beyond as long as we can do it safely.

Any prayers are much appreciated we are so scared and trying to remember to trust is god and his plan for us and for Jack.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pinch me

WEIRD I just found this draft I wrote right before my shower and water breaking... I thought I would post it because it is cool to see what I was thinking before I knew everything was about to change......

I am 29 weeks 4 days pregnant...just shy of 30 weeks. That feels like birth is so close now. I can hardly believe how lucky I am that I am still growing a healthy baby in me. I am looking very pregnant these days. I am feeling the pulls and strains on my uterus and ligaments. Jack has had hiccups 4 times now...what an interesting and different feeling. I still have morning sickness every morning. I wake up to a bottle of zofran and pop a pill first thing every morning. That seems to keep me from puking.

My DH has moments lately where he says God you look so pregnant right now with a big smile on his face ( like this morning). At the grocery store the other day I was in line at the deli and when I walked back to him at the cart he kissed me and said I just had the coolest moment when I looked over for you and it was like OH YAH we are having a wife is pregnant! SO SWEET. I love this man more than anything and he will make such a great daddy.

I have been very nesty lately and have cleaned the nursery and washed all the hand me down 0-3 months and folded them and put them in Jack's Drawers. Also I have arranged the crib and changer/dresser where I want them and put his wall stickies on (Jack Andrew and his grasshoppers and polka dots). I have a few frames to hang and a few projects to do still, some of which I will keep myself busy with today. But I am getting anxious to know what we will have left to buy for baby after the surprise shower my mom is throwing. I don't know any of the details except that it will be Jack and Jill (no pun intented) which I love because I want to share that moment with Jason. I cannot even imagine that we are really going to have one because it is still so surreal that we are actually going to have a baby. I have all the fixings to make a patriots quilt...but the last few games have been toilet water and it hasn't inspired much...also a patriots tag toy...but like I said... toilet water.

Hopefully I will pull it together and get them done in the next couple weeks. :)

Here is an updated belly pic and (haircut!!!) the nursery so far.

CONGRATS TO BABY HOPES AND HILLARY!!!!!!! I have and will be praying for healthy complication free pregnancies. xoxo