Friday, November 11, 2011

Pinch me

WEIRD I just found this draft I wrote right before my shower and water breaking... I thought I would post it because it is cool to see what I was thinking before I knew everything was about to change......

I am 29 weeks 4 days pregnant...just shy of 30 weeks. That feels like birth is so close now. I can hardly believe how lucky I am that I am still growing a healthy baby in me. I am looking very pregnant these days. I am feeling the pulls and strains on my uterus and ligaments. Jack has had hiccups 4 times now...what an interesting and different feeling. I still have morning sickness every morning. I wake up to a bottle of zofran and pop a pill first thing every morning. That seems to keep me from puking.

My DH has moments lately where he says God you look so pregnant right now with a big smile on his face ( like this morning). At the grocery store the other day I was in line at the deli and when I walked back to him at the cart he kissed me and said I just had the coolest moment when I looked over for you and it was like OH YAH we are having a wife is pregnant! SO SWEET. I love this man more than anything and he will make such a great daddy.

I have been very nesty lately and have cleaned the nursery and washed all the hand me down 0-3 months and folded them and put them in Jack's Drawers. Also I have arranged the crib and changer/dresser where I want them and put his wall stickies on (Jack Andrew and his grasshoppers and polka dots). I have a few frames to hang and a few projects to do still, some of which I will keep myself busy with today. But I am getting anxious to know what we will have left to buy for baby after the surprise shower my mom is throwing. I don't know any of the details except that it will be Jack and Jill (no pun intented) which I love because I want to share that moment with Jason. I cannot even imagine that we are really going to have one because it is still so surreal that we are actually going to have a baby. I have all the fixings to make a patriots quilt...but the last few games have been toilet water and it hasn't inspired much...also a patriots tag toy...but like I said... toilet water.

Hopefully I will pull it together and get them done in the next couple weeks. :)

Here is an updated belly pic and (haircut!!!) the nursery so far.

CONGRATS TO BABY HOPES AND HILLARY!!!!!!! I have and will be praying for healthy complication free pregnancies. xoxo

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