Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lydon Housewarming 2009

Saturday I woke up at 3:30am feeling soooo sick and not knowing why...OF COURSE i would be sick the morning of my own housewarming. But I started preparing for people at 7:30. I was the veggie chopper and I didn't cut a finger off so MUCH SUCCESS!!! It was an open house style event and people started ariving around noon. So many friends and family came by to see the new digs and wish us good things. My grandfather's cross was hanging in the center of the house, I know he watches over us and keeps us safe. My memere made us an afghan with so many colors...haha it was perfect. Then as people were coming through and I was giving tours I realized why I felt so sick. My cists started to pop. And so yes its exciting and good but its like stabbing yourself repeatedly in the overies. Everyone came and went the last of our friends left around midnight...(a little drinking games were had). And much needed sleep fell right into place. I missed Justine and Steve the whole day ...but the zoo they went to looked like a blast. I promised I would post pics of the hosuewarming... my house is finally a home. It looks sooo different now. Here it is.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Top to bottom, living room- kitchen- my childhood wagon made lawn ornament!!!

I need to put more pictures of my new home for all to see...Enjoy!!!

Let me catch you up

Where to start....

So last weekend, Saturday to be exact, Me, my husband, and our puppy Lola moved into our first home( in Lewiston, Maine). We had help from family and friends so it went quickly which was a blessing because it was the hottest day yet. All week we have slowly been unpacking boxes. I have no patience and like to have instant gratification. So had it not been for literal exhaustion i would be completely settled in lol. All week I discovered my house wife dinner cooking floor sweeping side, and have truly blossomed into exactly what my husband wants out of me haha. Then Friday came and I flipped to my weekend warrior, party bday girl and he was ready to starve. Note to self make husband pitch in all week so should you be gone for any reason he would no how to survive.

Oh yes speaking of party girl...I turned 22 yesterday on the 22nd!! I am officially getting old. It was obviously my lucky birthday... I won a couple bucks playing the lottery. SO maybe It wasn't that We went to dinner at TGIFridays yummmm with my mom dick and Julia. Then had friends at my house all night...looking for a hilarious game to play at parties? (drinking game) get "What the Fuck" Best game ever!!

I am waiting for my Husbands brother and sisters and their spouses and kids and their mom to come over. We are having another birthday party for MEEE!!! Ordering out dominoes! Yummm.

Over all though. I am very Happy in my home right now. And MISS my BF Justine to pieces!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

First Blog Ever!!

Hi my name is Kate Lydon. I started this because I saw how cool my friend Justine's was and wanted to do it! I will be 22 in 19 days, and will celebrate my 1 year wedding aniversary on September 27th. My husband and I are buying our first home this month!!! Lots of exciting milestones this year.