Sunday, February 14, 2010

IM SORRY Its been too long

SOOOOO I haven't written in too long I know! But there is good reason. My nephew John Raymond was born and I have spent every day since thinking about him or being with him lol. He loves it when Matante reads to him. Here he is...( i call him junior, everyone else calls him J.R.)
In the meantime I have been crafting away for a few baby showers that are coming up. I love making baby things!! I want a baby so bad. Here they are...
And today is Valentines day. I had Danielle and Justine over, Me and Danielle crafted and made the baby tickets above. Justine and I made sugar cookies!!! And a delish dinner for our hubbys.

I had a great time...oh in other recent news me and Jason were asked by our great friends Danielle and Andre Marquis to be there unborn baby's godparents and if anything should ever (heaven forbid) happen we would take her. I am so completely honored and touched to be Reese's god mother I cannot wait to meet her!