Thursday, June 20, 2013

C25K Week2 Day2 Stroller Eddition

I had the first Stroller Strut 2013 after my daycare day yesterday. And I thought if I am going to get out there and walk I might as well try my hand at doing C25K and running with my son in his stroller. And what I found is that as much as I love the ladies and kiddos who accompanied me and there lovely distraction from the exercise at hand; I HATE RUNNING WITH A STROLLER.

Because I am new at the running thing I have to focus quite a bit on my posture while running still. I have to make an effort to keep my shoulders and neck relaxed, to not look at the ground directly in front of me, keep my back tall and straight.  I lean forward with my (regular not jogging) stroller so my lower back is sore today. I must have had a much heavier step because I have shin splints and my calves were SO SORE during and after the run and this morning. Has anyone else noticed bruising on their calves (back of leg) ??

 Also  when cars went by I couldn't hear the cue of the podcast because I was playing it out loud for all of us to hear.  I don't think I am enough in my groove yet to run with people and still stay focused.  Overall I feel like it wasn't my best run. Oh and I did it two days in a row...and I think I really do need that day in between still.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

C25K Week 2 Day 1

I woke up at 5am to go for my run. I stretched well and took a few sips of water but no food.
I headed out into the cool morning for my 5 minute warm up. The first few 90 second run segments were fine. I could tell in my body that they were longer but I wasn't winded or tired. But I do find that I have less pep in my step early mornings and My legs are tighter and heavier. When I run at night or mid day I have more pep looser legs and lighter legs. But unless it is the weekend I don't have the option to run in the middle of the day and during the week I am too tired and bail easier at night. So for now until I SUPER look forward to running I will stick with the morning. My right foot on the outside right side kills after my runs. sometimes the left too. I don't know what it is.  The rest of the run went well the last one I was dragging a bit, moving slower but besides that it was good.

Monday, June 17, 2013


I am one of many people affected by PCOS. I am one of many women who struggle with infertility. I am one  half of too many marriages that have been saddened by losing their babies at any point in pregnancy.

And after all that and with all that said I blame my weight gain on all of that. PCOS is my GO TO excuse. And it very well may have been the reason for the initial gain. Now though I am educated on my condition and its failures and loopholes. I have yoyo dieted for a long time but not wrapped my brain or fully committed to a lifestyle change for health. I am now on board fully and intentionally. I am down 14 pounds and my confidence is growing. My body is changing. I started couch to 5k. I am signing up for a color me rad 5k in August. I have completed week one. Day one was hard. I was tired and out of breath. Day two my legs felt heavy but I wasn't out of breath. Day three I felt amazing. I was running for one of the sixty second intervals and I was Side Walk Cock Blocked by an older lady...ran out of her drive and right in my path and said GREAT DAY HUH? and i took an ear bud out to not be rude ( which apparently she didn't know) and she said its ok we wont melt right?! (it was sprinkling) and then loudly said OH WAIT WE WANT TO!! haha
Cue me running off! Have a good day my dust....

And before I knew it I was thinking I have been running a while... and I hear the prompt on my podcast ( runningintohealth) say you may start your next 60 second run. So I kept running and I ran for 3.5 min by accident. But I was good. I enjoyed it I probably could have kept going. I am sticking to this plan though so I don't injure myself or get shin splints.

I am loving being honest with myself. And for some reason Running feels so honest.

I chose to start running because when I would start a new exercise plan or diet in the back of my mind or in my convo with people I would joke about not being a runner or never running I can't run. not even if someone is chasing me. And I needed to stop the negative self talk. The boundaries and blocks I put in my head are put in you not just mentally but also physically.

I can do anything I put my mind to. I can be a mom. I can live on for the babies I have lost and will see again some day. I can lose this weight. I can overcome the symptoms. I can RUN.

I am Woman, Christ follower, Wife, Mother, Daughter and Friend. I am me. And that is Good enough yesterday, today and tomorrow.