Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nap time Update

So it is nap time and that means I get to reflect and relax a bit...At least today that's what I am making it mean :)

I am amazed ever.single.time. Jack rolls around in there, or wedges and punches himself up into my ribs.

When he isn't moving it is like I forget this huge fortune I have been bestowed and then he moves again and I am humbled by this amazing blessing all over again.

I just spent last weekend buying my first bottle of Dreft and washing all the hand me down clothes I have received from some generous friends of friends. I folded them all and took in every adorable little piece. Smelt the little NFL pants...and Teddy Bear Bunting. Then I had a kitchen table FULL of clothes and was like what do I do now....hmm.... OH YAH I will go put them in his drawers...then it HIT ME. These are for my baby, Jack, That I am still miraculously carrying in my womb. And it was overwhelming and surprising.

Needless to say I have been saying lots of Thanks for this pregnancy and making it this far.

I woke up in a cold sweat 2 nights ago at 3am when my husband got up to let the dogs out. Because I JUST REMEMBERED we have our first birthing class tonight and 3 Tuesdays after that. Luckily Hubs got the time off and the daycare moms are picking up a bit early the next 4 Tuesdays for me :)

So yah tonight is my first birthing class...OMGee.

27 weeks 1 day....


New symptoms.. dealing with gestational diabetes constantly, leg and hip pain and numbness, sleep interruption, frequent night time urination, pelvic pain, breasts leaking.

All worth it, each one new and interesting.

I am looking forward to the Holidays finally being the one who can take a cute belly shot with my adoring husband in front of the turkey and Christmas tree. I am also looking very much forward to my last year at home handing out candy.

I am starting to feel the urge to nest, and that urge has me realizing we have to start buying all the little things we will need for his arrival. I want to have a bag packed by 30 weeks to make sure I am ready no matter what. That is three weeks away and I feel like we have nothing. I know that isn't true, I also know my mom and I'm sure family and friends are planning a surprise shower for us and so I know we won't be starting from scratch but I feel the need to be ready NOW. haha prebaby anxiety I'm sure.

I have a visit coming up with my husbands hilarious cousins from mass on November 11th-13th. I am very excited to see them and can't wait to decorate a fancy cake with them for fun! (one is in a cake making class)

That's all nap time is almost over and I will leave you with a recent belly shot...26 weeks.

In front of the bookshelf my stepdad made Jack.

And just a day later I felt three times bigger <3

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fnger Painting with a 16 month old

I decided to go oldschool on this project and do finger painting... a good 'ol fashioned fridge art project. Again I filled his belly before we started. And for this project get down to the diaper.

You will need some paper and washable non toxic paint.

I literally squirted more paint as he used needed it. He loved it and did great. He kept it on the paper and out of his mouth. I tried this with a 14 month old little girl and she went straight to her mouth with the paint...that was over quick. haha

So this project completely depends on your baby.

He was very proud of the finished product. :)

Fall Kids Craft: Hand Leaf Wreath (5 years and up)

For the Hand Leaf Wreath you will need...
Glue (modge podge)
paper plate (with center cut out)
construction paper
Gold Marker
First take your child and trace their hand (or let them) on multiple colors of paper.

Then cut all the hands out with them.

Have them draw the vein of the hand leaf on with a decorative marker.

Then glue them all around the paper plate and modge podge over them all for luster.

After this loop a peice of yarn, ribbon, or string through to hang it up for fall!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


I had my gestational diabetes test today and failed. They don't like it over 130 and i was 151. Boooooo. I don't know if this is super high or what but I had an empty stomach when I took it so she seemed surprised and the number. Now I have to schedule my 3 hr and I want to pass and not have GD so badly. I have been crying for a while.

I hate to have a pity party for 2 seconds but... why can't I just enjoy this like everyone else. I don't want to have extra risks or diets.

pity party over. Anyone fail one hour with these numbers and pass 3 hr??? What did you do to increase your chances of passing the second time around?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

24 weeks tomorrow

I will be 24 weeks tomorrow and if he is growing the way he was 4 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago he is probably measuring over 25 weeks...I am going to have a BIG healthy baby!!!

I have a doctors appointment early tomorrow and my Gestational Diabetes testing...I am nervous for this because of the growth and size of Jack right now. And because I am higher risk for this with PCOS. we will see...

Whats new...Jack is a kick boxer in there and he has shared his kicks and punches with lots of family and friends the past two days. I am in love with his every movement. I think it is so cool that we can feel him from the outside now.

Today I realized if they change my due date like they keep thinking they will I will be due Jan 15th. and if that happens it is only like 4 months away!!!!! I can't wait to meet him and see his sweet face.