Sunday, October 2, 2011

24 weeks tomorrow

I will be 24 weeks tomorrow and if he is growing the way he was 4 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago he is probably measuring over 25 weeks...I am going to have a BIG healthy baby!!!

I have a doctors appointment early tomorrow and my Gestational Diabetes testing...I am nervous for this because of the growth and size of Jack right now. And because I am higher risk for this with PCOS. we will see...

Whats new...Jack is a kick boxer in there and he has shared his kicks and punches with lots of family and friends the past two days. I am in love with his every movement. I think it is so cool that we can feel him from the outside now.

Today I realized if they change my due date like they keep thinking they will I will be due Jan 15th. and if that happens it is only like 4 months away!!!!! I can't wait to meet him and see his sweet face.


  1. Wow! The time is really flying by!!! Hope the testing goes well!!!

  2. Love those kicks & punches too!!! Sorry to hear about the GD test. I passed but iron was too low so I had to get supplement for that. Good luck with the 3 hour!