Sunday, June 26, 2011

Animal attacks and Dead bodies

Today was a day spent with my best friend getting ready for her wedding. It started out with the worst Morning sickness I have had to date...KNOCK ON WOOD. I actually threw up today. I hate feeling sick all the time, and I especially hate throwing up.
We went to Pedal Pushers Garden Place to drop off the containers for her succulent centerpieces and check out the cutting garden because she planted all her flowers by now they are starting to pop up!!! That is when the first attack happened, a sly gardener snake. I may or may not have cussed like a sailor.
Then as we sat down in front of the shop to get all the details for pickup set Danielle was almost attacked by a mother bird guarding a nest near by. It slow motion came at her face then flew to the side of her and pooped. She and her mother have a fear of birds anyways, I am pretty sure she will have nightmares tonight.

Then leaving the shop to head home this HUGE turtle was in the road so I got out to do my civic duty and grabbed his shell and he swatted me with his dinosaur paw so i shooed him off the road into the water...He moved fast!!! I thought no turtles could run. MYTH BUSTED!!!Then after scarfing lunch as to not throw up again I went to see my bestie in her show Wait until Dark. It was a murder mystery about a blind woman. My bestie played the dead body. She did great. Made me proud haha. Then we finished our day at walmart buying fishing leurs for butenieres. A very productive day despite my baby's growth causing a mini war in my body. I love you baby...take it easy on mommy. xoxo

Monday, June 20, 2011


I am reasured. My doctor got me right in...Actually a nurse that overheard my phone call with a receptionist who was blowing me off after having a subchoreonic bleed got me right in to see my doc!! LOVE NURSES.

Here's the gummy bear measuring 9w1d. My little overachiever. HB 167. I heard it for the first time today and completely fell in love. And one of the clot pockets is gone only one left!

9 wks

So today I am 9 weeks!!!!! Out of the first 2 months now I am heading into my third month of pregnancy. It has been 2 weeks since i saw my gummy bear last and my OB cant see me until I am 12 weeks because she is fully booked until then. Yesterday I had significantly less nausea and this morning I feel fine. I am trying to just believe at some point it does go away rather than feel like something is wrong...because if you ask my boobs everything is on the right track still.

I feel like I need to see the gummy to make sure though. With a subchoreonic bleed you want to make sure nothing happened to the placenta. So I called my new office about my intake visit this week and weather or not they could do a quick ultrasound to make sure growth is still right on and they were like you will have to ask when you are seen. We dont "know" you yet and so we cant just make that call without meeting you first. I SENT OVER MY RECORDS they were monitoring me pretty closely A hole. Cant you tell I should be seen.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I want to see my gummy bear again.
Still having all my symptoms....but you can't help but wonder what exactly is going on in there when you don't know for sure.

Next week my first OB appointment but it is just with a nurse apparently. History and such but i hope with the bleed I had at the begining they will let me take a peek inside.

I want to know that little person already!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have STRETCH MARKS around my belly button, I am broken out in every single place i possibly could be, I am constantly sick, I have gone up 2 cup sizes, I am awake almost every hour because I get an uncomfortable tugging sensation when I sleep on my side or i am sick or i have to pee, I now have diarrhea issues, in the afternoon i get a moment where i cant keep my eyes open, food aversions to almost everything........AAANNNNDDDD I am so grateful for every single second of every single thing on this list. All of it makes me feel more like there is actually a baby growing inside there. Every time I feel any of these symptoms I throw up a prayer to god thanking him and asking him to keep baby growing strong.

I would be this sick the entire time if it means I have a forever child to love and share my life with. In no way shape or form am I complaining. It is not like I am some weirdo who enjoys being sick either its just reassuring.

Thank you God, please let me continue to be able to grow and nurture my baby.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

**Baby hopes

For some reason Blgger won't let me comment on anything on your blog. SO FRUSTRATING...

So here was my comment to your recent post!!!

I am so glad to hear you are doing well. And that you are preparing to welcome children to your loving home. I have and will be praying for you and for your process to go smoothly. xoxo

Love, ME!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

8 weeks tommorow

It has been quite a while since I have posted. I am sorry. I have been following all my usual blog friends but unfortunately Blogger stinks and so I haven't been allowed to comment on them. I don't know whats gotten up blogger's butt...but they better fix it FAST.

So newness on the PAIF front:

ALL DAY NAUSEA all day, not in the morning... But I am doing much better about eating lots of healthy (and not so healthy) snacks throughout the day. That seems to keep the nausea at bay for the most part.

I am still having some slight cramping and or twinges here and there...I am guessing it is growing pains.

I haven't had anymore bleeding but in my last ultrasound they still saw a few clots floating around in there. Not bigger than last time not any more than last time, in fact one had shrunk a bit. But none the less considered a subchoreonic bleed. It is keeping me on edge a bit.

I am still on Endometrin suppositories until 11 weeks and it gets all leaky down there and every time I think I am bleeding. So not only am I running to the bathroom constantly to pee I am running to check too lol.

I am so weepy lately, I want to cry all the time. Sad Happy overwhelmed...CRYING.

Jason gets a kick out of it. He thinks I am crazy hahaha.

We have told all our family by now. Everyone is nervous and excited for us.

It is weird every time someone comments on the baby...I am like oh...My baby...that's right.

I don't know when it will seem real.

I still haven't put anything on FB and am super surprised no one else has. I was kind of hoping someone else would spill those beans on there that way I don't have to make some dreadful announcement i always hated seeing.

The mail woman told me I looked thinner HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I was like thanks I'm pregnant (and sick all the time) that could be why I guess lol!!! Keep working that magic baby!

The baby is actually starting to look like a baby :) I wonder though when I will feel like this is real, and that eventually there will be a baby here in my arms...

I did feel like I had a few real milestones this past week. I bought a bunch of maternity clothes...I cant fit in to my normal ones anymore comfortably. And tomorrow makes 8weeks. I have never seen that marker. My RE graduated us last Thursday to an OB. HUGE for us. So I have to make an appointment. Which I should and could have done on Friday. But ...last time we switched to an OB we miscarried I am nervous to make the move. So many emotions... well here is our pic from the last appointment. Our gummy bear :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Im sorry I havent been posting like I used to. I am so sick. All. The. Time.
I was excited about it at first. Now come on....even an IF doesnt really LIKE being sick constantly. But I am appreciative of it, because it means I am pregnant and my babe is growin.

But it means I cant even stand to look at a computer screen or Ill ralph all over the keyboard.

Thursday we have another US to see the babe growin and if the bleeding has resolved.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Houston we have a heartbeat!

I want to update real quick. But I am so tired so it won't be a long one.

Ultrasound this morning showed a beautiful fetus 6w2d measuring exactly. Heartbeat 163bpm
Nice and strong I saw the beautiful little flicker.

Also a few blood and clot pockets in my uterus around the baby's sac. So Glad to see the heartbeat and nervous about the pockets of blood. Then we had a great day at my sisters graduation and bought a few maternity clothing peices to start being more comfortable.

Went and told Jasons mom. She was so excited it was sweet. She thinks its a girl. Then while at her house tonight I passed a few clots and some blood. It made me nervous of course. But we saw the pockets and she was in their with the dildo cam for a while so Im sire it got pretty irratated today and my suppositories 3 times today. So I am not freaking out I am justifying it and praying and putting up my feet.