Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Houston we have a heartbeat!

I want to update real quick. But I am so tired so it won't be a long one.

Ultrasound this morning showed a beautiful fetus 6w2d measuring exactly. Heartbeat 163bpm
Nice and strong I saw the beautiful little flicker.

Also a few blood and clot pockets in my uterus around the baby's sac. So Glad to see the heartbeat and nervous about the pockets of blood. Then we had a great day at my sisters graduation and bought a few maternity clothing peices to start being more comfortable.

Went and told Jasons mom. She was so excited it was sweet. She thinks its a girl. Then while at her house tonight I passed a few clots and some blood. It made me nervous of course. But we saw the pockets and she was in their with the dildo cam for a while so Im sire it got pretty irratated today and my suppositories 3 times today. So I am not freaking out I am justifying it and praying and putting up my feet.


  1. Awesome on the measurements and heartbeat! Praying those nasty blood and clot pockets clear out for good.

  2. That is a really strong heartbeat and such a beautiful sight! Hope the bleeding subsides soon... at least you know the source of it and the prayers/putting up your feet are just what you need!!!

  3. Fantastic news... congratulations :)) Must have been so wonderful to see a heartbeat :)) Thinking of you always xoxo