Sunday, June 5, 2011


Im sorry I havent been posting like I used to. I am so sick. All. The. Time.
I was excited about it at first. Now come on....even an IF doesnt really LIKE being sick constantly. But I am appreciative of it, because it means I am pregnant and my babe is growin.

But it means I cant even stand to look at a computer screen or Ill ralph all over the keyboard.

Thursday we have another US to see the babe growin and if the bleeding has resolved.


  1. Someone once told me that the severity of your morning sickness is related to how strong your bub's placenta is... it's an old wives tale but helped me through bad morning sickness with my now toddler :) xoxo

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well but glad that it's a sign of things going well for your pregnancy. Hoping for great news on Thursday!

  3. I've been thinking about you! Hang in there. :) Keep your eye on the prize!! <3