Monday, June 20, 2011


I am reasured. My doctor got me right in...Actually a nurse that overheard my phone call with a receptionist who was blowing me off after having a subchoreonic bleed got me right in to see my doc!! LOVE NURSES.

Here's the gummy bear measuring 9w1d. My little overachiever. HB 167. I heard it for the first time today and completely fell in love. And one of the clot pockets is gone only one left!

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  1. Glad they got you in! After your earlier post, I was going to recommend you find a new, more accessible OB. Throughout your pregnancy, you'll want all of your concerns addressed asap and it is So important that you have a supportive Dr's office. Never be afraid to advocate for yourself and your baby if something like that happens in the future. Looks like after that hiccup, they stepped up to the plate. Now you know just to ask to speak to a nurse or your Dr. If you need to. Yay! :)