Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Haloween Cosume Making Time

My Nephew Ethan has always reaped the rewards of most of my crafting endeavors. I have to say I love making things for him! This year he wanted to be a ninja turtle, which I love! I had a big crush on Michael Angelo, Ethan wanted to be "Michael Angela" this year lol!! But he liked that name with the "nun-chucks" and the Blue mask. So it is sort of like a game of clue for him hehe. Me and his mommy (my sister in law) went to Jo Anne Fabrics and only spent 10 dollars on everything we needed, I love their clearance fabric section and their remnant bin! And this is what I did with it...The pictures go from beginning to finished product.

This is the shell when we started...It was a little non-distinct.

And bulky hahaa!!!Hi Lola!

But the abs came out PERFECT!

I wish 6 packs were this easy to make, I would have one by now lol!!!

The Blue is a simple headband we will cut eye holes in for him. The brown is his belt.

I cut felt out in the pattern of the ninja turtle shell to make it 3d... and tacked it with thread and needle to create the rim of the shell. I love it...Tomorrow I will post what he looks like in it! He will be wearing a green sweat suit underneath.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I made 3 more onesies!!! A tree, a tractor trailer (ode to my father in law), and a train engine. I love them and I am totally adicted to this project!!! It is simple and fun, it is a little bit of everything but not a lot of one thing. I am going to do my burp cloths tommorow, and start a few quilts soon. Stay tuned!!!

All Three together!!! So cute! Below is my pumpkins all lit up!! I am excited for haloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Crafty Sunday with the BF

Danielle came over this morning around 9am for blueberry muffins and crafting. We did onesies with silohouettes on them of diefferent things...I did a bulldog and a bumble bee. She did 2 haloween onesies for Gracie and a trio of doggies, bulldog, chiuaua, black lab. I love these and will be making many many more!!! Nicolle popped over to finish a haloween costume I started for her and might I say did an amazing job! I also whipped up a beef stew for my hubby who was craving a meat and potato's kind of dinner tonight. I also made some cresant rolls which is a staple in my household. But I shape them differently everytime. This time I made them rounded bisquits. YUMMM It is all I can smell in the house now. I have to make some apple crisp for desert because I have had the apples for 2 weeks!!! They are perfect for a pie or crisp right now. We carved pumpkins last night at Chrissy's party we through. On an off note I can't wait to meet the little person in her belly!!! She is only 6 weeks along tho hahaha! Well here are some pictures of the above events...Enjoy!! I am going to go eat my MANLY meal now!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall 2009

The View from our porch The pumpkins we picked yesterday at the orchard.

Hehe my sign

View to my backyard

My neighbor's gorgeous tree

Beautiful huh?

Hehe my curly wurly grass in my candy bucket for now.

Lydon apple picking 2009 <3

The Gagnon Family apple orchard! For the annual Lydon apple picking for 2009. We all met there in Greene Maine. We had a few donuts...Yummm!! Then took a little hayride around the orchard. When we got dropped back off at the barn we walked to the back of the orchard for the cortlands. Josh was our Jolly Green Giant this year and climbed the ladders to get us the best apples.

The Lydon Family Group photo

You all know this is the group photo that the Lydons are REALLY known for.


Ethan on the Tractor.

Uncle puck lifting Ethan to pick his own apples.
Andrea holding J.R.'s apple.

Chrissy holding Baby's apple.

Ethan in the grass just like when he was...2 except he is huge now.

Ethan running on top of the hay maize instead of through it haha.

Me and my husband, Jason.

Jason and Tuna

John and Andrea

Ethans BEST scarecrow face.

Ethan in an apple crate.

We had so much fun and now I am going to make apple crisp and apple sauce. I will post finished product.