Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Crafty Sunday with the BF

Danielle came over this morning around 9am for blueberry muffins and crafting. We did onesies with silohouettes on them of diefferent things...I did a bulldog and a bumble bee. She did 2 haloween onesies for Gracie and a trio of doggies, bulldog, chiuaua, black lab. I love these and will be making many many more!!! Nicolle popped over to finish a haloween costume I started for her and might I say did an amazing job! I also whipped up a beef stew for my hubby who was craving a meat and potato's kind of dinner tonight. I also made some cresant rolls which is a staple in my household. But I shape them differently everytime. This time I made them rounded bisquits. YUMMM It is all I can smell in the house now. I have to make some apple crisp for desert because I have had the apples for 2 weeks!!! They are perfect for a pie or crisp right now. We carved pumpkins last night at Chrissy's party we through. On an off note I can't wait to meet the little person in her belly!!! She is only 6 weeks along tho hahaha! Well here are some pictures of the above events...Enjoy!! I am going to go eat my MANLY meal now!

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