Sunday, October 4, 2009

It is going to be a Homemade Christmas

Soooo once a week me and my best get together and cook together and make a craft for christmas. We sort of try a new craft project every week on the night we chose then make more for people on our own. We are also scrapping a recipe/craft book to keep with all the night we have and things we do. These are the things we have made so far. All cheap cute and FUN! Above are all the soaps I made. Thje princesses are bouncy balls then there are lizards and a pirate ring and foam breast cancer ribbons. These are a fun incentive to get your young child to wash there hands to get to the toy, or a fun stocking stuffer for a friend or sibling.
We also spent a week on magnets!!! Made out of Tacky glue those half flat beda fish marbles (the large ones), and magnet strips. The set above is bouquets!! How adorable.

Seaside set Anyone?!

Fun kitchy set lol for the girlfriend or sister in law. I used magazine cut outs and stickers. This was definately the quickest, easiest, most fun, cheapest craft yet!

Cant really see this set but it is breast cancer save the tatas!!! SUPPORT THE CAUSE...AWARENESS SAVES LIVES!!!

And I went to craftmania and got these jewlery boxes to wrap them in!!!

Cutest but most time consuming craft yet for sure!!! I MADE A TRUE TOTE BAG!!!! Arent you proud it is soooo pretty I love it, scratch that I am in love with it lol!!! See below I even did the triangles on the bottom of the sides.

So I will keep adding more of the crafts we are doing as we go! But I wont be buying anyone a gift for christmas this year it will be a homemade christmas!

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