Friday, October 30, 2009

Haloween Cosume Making Time

My Nephew Ethan has always reaped the rewards of most of my crafting endeavors. I have to say I love making things for him! This year he wanted to be a ninja turtle, which I love! I had a big crush on Michael Angelo, Ethan wanted to be "Michael Angela" this year lol!! But he liked that name with the "nun-chucks" and the Blue mask. So it is sort of like a game of clue for him hehe. Me and his mommy (my sister in law) went to Jo Anne Fabrics and only spent 10 dollars on everything we needed, I love their clearance fabric section and their remnant bin! And this is what I did with it...The pictures go from beginning to finished product.

This is the shell when we started...It was a little non-distinct.

And bulky hahaa!!!Hi Lola!

But the abs came out PERFECT!

I wish 6 packs were this easy to make, I would have one by now lol!!!

The Blue is a simple headband we will cut eye holes in for him. The brown is his belt.

I cut felt out in the pattern of the ninja turtle shell to make it 3d... and tacked it with thread and needle to create the rim of the shell. I love it...Tomorrow I will post what he looks like in it! He will be wearing a green sweat suit underneath.

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  1. So cute!! Great job! I am just not that creative. It amazes me how people think of things like this!