Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have STRETCH MARKS around my belly button, I am broken out in every single place i possibly could be, I am constantly sick, I have gone up 2 cup sizes, I am awake almost every hour because I get an uncomfortable tugging sensation when I sleep on my side or i am sick or i have to pee, I now have diarrhea issues, in the afternoon i get a moment where i cant keep my eyes open, food aversions to almost everything........AAANNNNDDDD I am so grateful for every single second of every single thing on this list. All of it makes me feel more like there is actually a baby growing inside there. Every time I feel any of these symptoms I throw up a prayer to god thanking him and asking him to keep baby growing strong.

I would be this sick the entire time if it means I have a forever child to love and share my life with. In no way shape or form am I complaining. It is not like I am some weirdo who enjoys being sick either its just reassuring.

Thank you God, please let me continue to be able to grow and nurture my baby.

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