Sunday, June 26, 2011

Animal attacks and Dead bodies

Today was a day spent with my best friend getting ready for her wedding. It started out with the worst Morning sickness I have had to date...KNOCK ON WOOD. I actually threw up today. I hate feeling sick all the time, and I especially hate throwing up.
We went to Pedal Pushers Garden Place to drop off the containers for her succulent centerpieces and check out the cutting garden because she planted all her flowers by now they are starting to pop up!!! That is when the first attack happened, a sly gardener snake. I may or may not have cussed like a sailor.
Then as we sat down in front of the shop to get all the details for pickup set Danielle was almost attacked by a mother bird guarding a nest near by. It slow motion came at her face then flew to the side of her and pooped. She and her mother have a fear of birds anyways, I am pretty sure she will have nightmares tonight.

Then leaving the shop to head home this HUGE turtle was in the road so I got out to do my civic duty and grabbed his shell and he swatted me with his dinosaur paw so i shooed him off the road into the water...He moved fast!!! I thought no turtles could run. MYTH BUSTED!!!Then after scarfing lunch as to not throw up again I went to see my bestie in her show Wait until Dark. It was a murder mystery about a blind woman. My bestie played the dead body. She did great. Made me proud haha. Then we finished our day at walmart buying fishing leurs for butenieres. A very productive day despite my baby's growth causing a mini war in my body. I love you baby...take it easy on mommy. xoxo

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