Thursday, June 20, 2013

C25K Week2 Day2 Stroller Eddition

I had the first Stroller Strut 2013 after my daycare day yesterday. And I thought if I am going to get out there and walk I might as well try my hand at doing C25K and running with my son in his stroller. And what I found is that as much as I love the ladies and kiddos who accompanied me and there lovely distraction from the exercise at hand; I HATE RUNNING WITH A STROLLER.

Because I am new at the running thing I have to focus quite a bit on my posture while running still. I have to make an effort to keep my shoulders and neck relaxed, to not look at the ground directly in front of me, keep my back tall and straight.  I lean forward with my (regular not jogging) stroller so my lower back is sore today. I must have had a much heavier step because I have shin splints and my calves were SO SORE during and after the run and this morning. Has anyone else noticed bruising on their calves (back of leg) ??

 Also  when cars went by I couldn't hear the cue of the podcast because I was playing it out loud for all of us to hear.  I don't think I am enough in my groove yet to run with people and still stay focused.  Overall I feel like it wasn't my best run. Oh and I did it two days in a row...and I think I really do need that day in between still.

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