Sunday, July 28, 2013

Will they like me??

Hello out there Blogosphere!!!
I have been MIA for quite a while. I want to update everyone on the goings on in my life in case anyone is still reading.

I am still exercising, although some weeks not as much as I should.  I am trying to eat as clean as possible and feed my family as clean as possible. Tonight I made "Overnight Oatmeal" and will be trying it out tomorrow morning. I will be sure to let you know how it is. And if I love it I will post pictures and the recipe!  I kind of got off the C25K schedule and started just run/jog/walking which I am loving. I just bought a watch that counts calories burned, steps, HR and all that good stuff to hopefully keep me better accountable for my intake and output. I am setting fitness goals instead of weight goals now. I am hoping to avoid the discouragement I feel when I don't hit a certain number. PCOS is hard to overcome but I believe I can do it.
I am starting acupuncture on Tuesday to try and give me relaxation, and reverse my symptoms and regulate a cycle.  I will post how that goes.

I am loving mommy life. I am praying for patience every day with my beautiful gift of a toddler. Because he is a TODDLER! haha He climbs the walls but I just love him to pieces!  am a daycare provider and just attended a birthday party for one of my kiddos I have had since infancy and she turned three!!! It made me feel old and was emotional for me. I truly love what I do. I have always felt a calling toward children in my life in different capacities. Recently I have felt a very strong calling to become a midwife. So folks....I applied to nursing school. I am hoping to be accepted and begin school this fall. I want to get my RN then go to midwifery college and become a CNM. EEEK! I forgot how insecure you feel applying to college waiting to be accepted or rejected. Say a prayer for me that I would get into school to fulfill the calling I feel God has put on my heart if you would.

I hope all of you are well out there. I am still lurking on so many of your pages and will be starting to actively comment again soon I am starting to carve out some ME time and it feels refreshing.

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  1. Good luck with school!!! Good luck with your fitness goals and nice job keeping active! Yes, gotta love the toddler stage :)