Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Year Anniversary

Tomorrow August 5th ...The one year anniversary of my third miscarriage.  I know in my heart this baby was a girl.  I have not named her but I will ask her her name when I meet her in heaven.

I have not thought a lot about her every day. I see butterflies or dandelions and my babies cross my mind I get a sad feeling and remember my hopes for them here on earth.

When I think about this baby I feel sad that she would have been days apart from my best friend delivering my God Daughter Amelia. They would have been babies together...Crib mates...Best Friends just like her and I. I can see them both running around my yard if I close my eyes. It is rather fitting that I get to spend the day with Amelia tomorrow. It will be cathartic to hold her when my arms are aching for the baby I lost.

I am releasing balloons with a message on it for her tomorrow night. Sending up my love into heaven. Hoping my words find their way to my baby's heart.

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