Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 days post water break.. 31w 5d

Last night was horrible....
I had contractions every 4 minutes since 6pm. My dog is sick at home and she was my first baby i miss her so much and cant be there to take care of her. My water like broke again standing up to go pee this morning and I lost almost half the fluid inside. I am now an AFI6 and there isn't the criterial2x2 pocket anymore. My belly is sore and I am in a rotten mood.

I am waiting to hear what the Dr has to say but yesterday they said they are just watching and waiting until things blatantly point to infection. So here I am contracting still sitting n this bed.

Whining over. Grateful to have given him 10 extra days... hope to make it to 32 w and get another measurement of him and steroids again.


  1. You have every right to be in a rotten mood. I imagine you are feeling scared and anxious as you wait for the doctors to give the go-ahead for delivery. I am so glad he has been given the extra 10 days to continue to grow and develop. I pray you have a safe and non-complicated delivery. Praying for you, the doctors, and your little one...

  2. Oh goodness... praying for safety and health for you both!