Sunday, August 14, 2011

Im a loser of a blogger

I am so sorry. I have not been posting like a good blogger should. Pregnancy has taken over my brain and my life. I love every second of it to pieces but I cant find time for online things right now.
Also the other half of my brain and life is consumed gleefully by my best friends wedding. It is only 7 days away now and I CAN"T WAIT. It is going to be so fabulous. She has DIYed everything. Her living room is wedding central. I know she is so ready for the day to be here. I have started trying to write my speech. But what can you say when someone has been such a huge part of your life and this is one of the biggest days in theirs. I cry when i say the word speech never mind actually writing one or READING one. OMG I am praying for dry eye syndrome the day of.
Nate is such a wonderful man. I am so completely happy for her and for him, he got the best girl he could have.

Off to spend the last weekend before the wedding with the Bride doing all the last minute things. I will leave you with my 16 week belly shot..Perfectly tells you how I am feeling this week EXAUHSTED (sitting in the recliner)

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  1. I, for one, am ecstatic about the pregnancy... so don't worry about blogging. Rest up Mama, you won't have free time again for another 18 years. ;) And it's all soooo worth it! :D