Monday, September 21, 2009

Okay Justine Here Ya Go!! XOXO

Hi everyone!!!
So i am being harrassed to post updated house pics so here they are.
Also I should be starting my period soon and that means one step closer to having a bambino!! I will have my October Ovulation Evaluation then start Chlomid in November...Some people get prego on the first shot!!! I hope I am one of those girls, also we have a twenty five percent chance of having twins and Jaosns granparents on both sides had twins so he is the generation that would have them anyway...So big chances ahhhh I told him they had to be girls to even out the playing field. Chrissy had the first grandkid and John and andrea are having a boy too. So hopefully we can bring in the first girl grandbaby. I also start my Metformin this month which ill regulate my insulin and help me shed the weight.


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  1. I looove loove looove EVERYTHING!! I wish I were there in real life to see it all!! Your house is so darn cute! I miss you oh so much! love