Friday, August 27, 2010

CD5 to Double or not to Double??

Well here we are at CD5 and I had my preliminary ultrasound today. And then the dreaded 3 hour wait to get results. This is my first time having a prelim CD5 u/s so I wasnt sure what kind of numbers I should be wanting. I only had 1 measurable follicle at 10.5 :(. I know im no pro but i dont think that is good and my eastradile was 118 ICK!! So the RE Said to double my follistum, so i have 150 tommorow and sunday then OPK mon-wed, and if no Positive OPK before wed then u/s and BW wed. I hope by then my estradile goes waaayyy up and i have at least 3 or 4 follicles. I was super bummed about it all day :( I actually sat here on forums reading about CD5 u/s results for others, which continued to depress me more. So I turned naturally to A BABY STORY and all those other depressing hows imagining a day where that would be me and DH. *sigh* Hopefully i wake up more positive tommorow.

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  1. Im praying for you to bring me another niece or nephew! I love you and stay strong!