Sunday, March 24, 2013


I have been doing well with the exersize and eating healthy. Down 5 lbs. :) I just ordered Turbo Jam by Beachbody and have a personal coach. Time to rev up the workouts!! I am pumped!

Jack is very mobile now almost running around the house. He is trying to make conversation but has about four words in his vocab :) He wants to kiss everyone all the time. He is so smart and responds at appropriate times with jabber talk lol.

Family stuff and work stuff is keeping me very busy lately. We celebrated my nieces 3rd bday last night and I CANT believe she is three. Today we have a family meeting for a sibling who needs some extra family support and then celebrate another siblings bday. It will be a very busy weekend and it is almost over. I hate that two days is never enough time to unwind. But at church this morning I will pause and absorb and take in all God has to tell me. I will praise him and feel rested. Then I can go on with my crazy day!

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