Tuesday, March 12, 2013

week one overview

So last week was week one of working out every day. Behne Boot camp started up at my friends house 2 days a week. I was hoping to lose weight but it didn't happen. But I did lose 6inches.  And MORE IMPORTANTLY after 155 days without cycling I got a period!!! So tomorrow I finally can have my saline sonogram to check for any imperfections in my uterine shape or lining that would be causing the RPL.

GOAL THIS WEEK: work out 6 days and stick to meal plan every day.

This week I am jumping on a 30 day meal plan that will keep me accountable. No last minute nap time poor meal decisions.  I saw on last night's biggest loser "you have to want the health changes and the weight loss more than that cup cake. And I know it is true. I haven't wanted it bad enough I DO NOW.

The Jillian Michael's shed and shred DVD is AWESOME.  I will be doing that 6 days a week now.  Along with my yummy juice.

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