Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big Changes

So I added back in some normal healthier meals and that led to snacks...Sugar is definitely an addiction. So I am cutting back out the processed foods again. Fruits and veggies and fresh juice for snacks and meals and a dinner with the hubs and babe every night that is healthy. I have worked out every day this week and hoping to see weight loss on Monday when I weigh in again.

On another note I am applying to colleges this coming week so I have a 10 year plan for a career that I am being called to and something that will impact others lives in a big way and help me better support my family and my soul. I am going to school to become a Nurse MidWife.

Big changes are upon me. I feel good about them. Determined to have the best self I can. Healthy, changing, expanding, learning, and Happy.

Making God my center has truly changed my life. I know he has big plans for me. I am just along for the ride feeling his call and answering YES!!

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