Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yoga and Kiwi

Alrighty so today I did Yoga first thing followed by a hot shower. Great way to wake up!! Then I enjoyed a fresh fruit and spinach juice, snacked on a banana later in the day. lunch was a food version of my mean green juice a small salad comprised of spinach, lettuce, cucumber, snow peas, and kiwi!! With a fresh squeezed orange drizzle for the dressing.  And a table spoon of peanut butter until I can get to the store for chicken to grill.  I had a mean green juice for an afternoon snack and then for dinner grilled chicken with roasted carrots and sweet potato wedges. yumm. Key is small portions and juice before meal so you are full faster. Lots of water today 72oz+ !!

If there is anything I have learned so far from juicing it is that I feel WAY better/ healthier when doing it. And Fruit was meant to be mixed with vegetables :) They were born for it!!!

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  1. Keep it up! I've been reading/not commenting but I hope you stick with it especially if it's making you feel better day to day. I know when I did WW and ate better I felt better. When I ate junk I felt like junk. And PCOS has some awful, awful side effects.