Friday, February 1, 2013

We are officially starting our 60 day juice fasting cleanse!! My PCOS symptoms are at an all time high right now and I need to do something to heal my looks like after the fast I am looking at a veganish rawish diet as my goal. I have done 2 days of research and am very very excited! At first it started as a way to kickoff the weight loss (which I am hoping it will do) but now it is more of a way to heal my body from the inside out and a bonus is the weight loss. In the  essence of honesty for others this blogging journey may help I will put it all out judgement...please.

Symptoms I would like to reverse...
Back Pain
Abdominal bloating, pain, and general discomfort
ovarian cysts
Lack of Menses
Hormonal imbalance leading to moodiness and anxiety
Dry skin

I am weighing in pre-fast tomorrow and taking photos which I am probably going to keep private which bothers me because when researching this the blogs i got the most from had photos. I am a very visual person and I want to share them for that reason but I know too many people in real life that follow my blog. 
If at the end I look like Barbie I might share them :) haha. 

My goal is to juice 100% because when i am given an inch in a diet i take a mile...of junk to avoid that I am going to try to go 100%. I am a bit worried about the insulin resistance and glucose levels with the fruit juices so I may add seeds for protein or chicken. we will see.

My husband is "going to do it with me as long as he can" So we will see how that goes haha.
I am also excited to share some juice with my Jack man because of the healing properties...and I may try to cook/bake with the pulp for the daycare kiddos for health purposes and to not be so wasteful. 

Things I am concerned about are cravings...and temptation with cooking for the kids all day. I am worried I wont make time for my exerscise I want to do everyday. I am nervous Jason will quit and I won't have that much needed support. 

All of my excitement WAAAYYY outways all the concerns. So heeerreee weee gooooo!!!!

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