Sunday, February 3, 2013

The UGLY truth

Weighed in this morning on DAY 1 of the 60 day Juice fast. The ugly (disgusting) truth is I am 248 lbs.


I had my husband take before pics that I will eventually share and some more fleshy ones that I will never share. But those are going to be my motivation. When I looked at what the back of me looks like in Le Buff I was like ok now I know where to go when I get a craving!!! One look and I won't be hungry anymore.
Tomorrow I will weigh in and hopefully post my first few juice pics but I am reserving posting the recipes until I get them right.

How am I feeling you ask??
Like ass...headache and it is 7pm and I am exhausted to the point of I am going to bed now. generally feeling crumby. But it will get better I know it!!! I am keeping on the juice fast!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck! :) Can't wait to hear more about it. I know very little about juice fasting so it will be really interesting to learn.