Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hungry Day 3

Let's start with some baby photo love shall we??

Here is my crazy haired son 

And his big boy hair cut :)

He kisses everything, even gators he is wrastling haha

So as of this morning I have lost 4 lbs. Which is great! But i miss eating and I have had the Low blood sugar feeling for 3 days. My husband is a trooper and has held fast but HATES it. We are going to turn this juice fast into a juice feast!! We are going to still juice 2x a day but add in all those fruits and veggies in food form and some healthy protiens and grains. I don't think I can "diet" anymore but just adapt a healthy eating lifestyle. And for me that does include chewing my food!! haha

I will still be tracking my journey on here as I am still dedicated to losing weight and reversing my PCOS.

I am effective immidiately  actively trying to NOT get pregnant until I am in the peak health I can be. Maybe...Hopefully by this summer or fall I will feel fit enough and be cycling regularly to add to our family.

Jack Update: He took 3 steps yesterday!!!!!!!!! And he is amazing as usual. Saying momma dadda and nononono.  He is now 90th percentile for height and 50ish for weight.  He melts my heart.

He gives kisses (more like licks you) and hugs and high fives on demand! PeekABoo is one of his favorites! He is loving his walker and his doggies <3 nbsp="" p="">
I have a new found love for YOGA!!!!
A Jillian Michaels Dvd I am going to try out and  a dance dvd to try...
I have a new membership to a gym i am excited to try kickboxing, kettlebell, and get back into zumba and continue Yoga!!!

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  1. Congrats on the 4 lbs!!! :) That diet sounds crazy tough so I am glad you managed to find a different idea that will work better for you and your husband without making you starving.

    Yay for first steps!!! :) He is just adorable. Love the one of him sleeping. So peaceful.