Friday, March 8, 2013

Full Red : TMI Warning

So after a few weeks of eating healthy, juicing, starting to exercise again (This week exercising  every day with two boot camp workouts ), and losing 7 pounds I am pleased to announce that today on day 155 without a period  I AM FULL RED FLOW!!!!!!!

I know this is semi ridiculous to be celebrating but for me it means Health is on it's way and hopefully regular cycles and testing will ensue. I am calling the High risk OB office today to schedule my uterine septum testing for RPL.  I have been waiting 5 MONTHS for this test because I need it to be 5 days after cycle day 1.

I am going to start a FF chart today too just for kicks. I am very excited to see this change in my body and my health. ( My mental health needed this one :) Just ask the hubster)

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  1. Yay!

    The things we get excited about when dealing with IF! ;)