Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Salvage Sunday and Viewer Challenge

So it was a fairly nice Sunday with nothing to do...me and Danielle decided to go Salvaging to see what we could find. She didn't really have anything particular she was looking for but I was hot on the trail of a storage piece for my bathroom. I was in the mood for some furniture refinishing and I struck gold! Here we are on our way out...So cute.

We didn't expect a sendoff parade but we ended up with one! A gaggle of turkeys, in the midst of mating season waving and cheering us on...GOBBLE gobble!!!!

Now for our finds.....First on the list is this pair of 19oo chairs... a little rough around the edges I admit but not hard to spiff up. Stay tuned for this project at a later date!

Next is the piece I was looking for in the first place, an antique armoire. How beautiful, and to think she was stuck all the way in the back with things stacked all over her and a big hideous bamboo hutch hiding her beautiful drawers. What a Pity. But I am a scavenger and unearthed her... Originally priced at $120.00...I weaseled my way down to $35.00 (A STEAL). So proud!!!

Some before shots.... (*notice the little hand painted tin can on top, a dump find*)

I emptied her out and took off the doors.

First i sanded the actual piece...and was going to take off her hardware and sand the drawers but there were some minor repairs that needed to be made to them first. For another (sunnier) day I suppose. But here she is sanded.

This is the third and final piece I found. I am not sure what it was originally, but I thought of a spice rack first then realized if I am sticking to a bathroom theme this could hang above the armoire upside down for a shelf with towel rack!

I took a brillo to her rusty body and scraped her until she was like new. I spray painted her "ocean breeze" to match my shower curtain. And a 20 minute project finished!!!

Last year I found that somebody dropped this little broken fire pit on my porch...hmmmm... and i got a little carried away with how fun spray painting is..hehehe

But I want to add some pretty color to my mundane back yard and this should def do the trick!

If anyone wants a challenge....I challenge you for ideas on how to repurpose these trellises, I have about 8 of them and want to reuse them around my house somehow...Sow there it is leave your ideas in my comments!!! Thanks all.

What a fun way to spend time with my best friend and to be creative on a budget. Stay tuned for the final results of the armoire project, and for the chairs. Now go forth and be thrifty!!

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