Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HCG Quant 2

Wednesday July 25th: I went to the Dr again got blood drawn heard back at noon... quant was 103... after 48hours. Heart dropped into stomach. I hate this. This sucks. She said it may be just too early 1-3 weeks along to be able to see doubling. but I dont know if I buy that. I have to go in again Friday to see numbers... I will die before then. Has anyone had this issue and seen a healthy term prengnacy come from it? (((1 hour later))) Okay I was just talked down off a ledge by the best nurse and friend ever. She reassured me I know my body better than anyone and I think I implanted fridayish. And if that is the case I am 1 week pregnant in which case my numbers are great and wouldn't be doubling yet. So I will see them again Friday and pray until then. I need an icecream...LOL

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