Sunday, May 2, 2010

Working on the homestead.

I totally put this up myself!!! We just needed an american flag on the front porch.
So this is what I mean when I say my yard needs some work...Most of it is dirt hahaha...My pups passed out after a rough round of fetch lol.

When we took our first step to renovating the backyard by chopping down two trees, this happened...a Heart shapedpeice of trunk. I decided it just HAD to be garden decor...for my ..uh..FUTURE garden. It's a start right?!

Remember the barn hook from my flea market post? Well here it is all dolled up, fastened to the back of my home, and adorned by this lovely hanging basket. YUM

And the iron basket from the same post is now perched on my front porch as a planter with a lovely rusty sunflower poked in.

And another hanging basket on the front porch...Looking up i think!

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