Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm Back

I am starting back up with my bloging. I have missed this outlet and now I have family in FLORIDA to keep in the know with our lives. This is how I am going to do it. Jack had pneumonia and bronchialitis last week. We were admitted for 2 days and it took 7 years off my life to see him be put through that poing and prodding. IVs and Deep suction are his enemy. I never want to see or hear him cry and shake like that again. Now we are home and he is doing much better. My little preemie does hold on to the upper respatory stuff a bit longer than normal. So he sounds junky still but he is feeling himself, Laughing and being a goofus. Jason and I are in a good groove with parenting now. I recently started to make some "me" time to workout when he gets home. And he makes his gym time in the morning. I think the biggest thing that has bothered me is when he gets home from work he does domething immediately for him. Whether it be shower, wash a vehicle, grab a snack or what not. I am always like ok thanks for checking in with me and Jack and seeing if he needs you or I need a break... And I DO need a break haha. But after talking to my PCP yesterday she had a completely new view on it. The men, dads, need an outlet and once they have done that thing they need to do they are good to help out. If we just let it happen then appreciate them jumping in after they stay happy and helpful and if we jump on them for their thing they do then they dont want to help. I am going to try to live by this for a while and see if this makes a difference because as she reminded me as husband and wife, mom and dad, we both feel like out "list" is much longer than the others when it comes to the things we do. It is all perspective. Jack is almost 9 months old. 2 weeks ago.....during shark week.... he started cutting his first tooth!! My little hammerhead :) But now he has his front two bottom teeth in a little sliver, they aren't fully up yet. SO EXCITING. School starts up again tomorrow so back into the swing of things with daycare. Summer is fun and crazy and tiring haha but now that school is starting up I will be able to focus on a project/lesson for my little ones during the day. I am very excited for this. Alright I know it is all over the place but... it is out of my head now ! Yay.

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  1. Great to have you back!! So sorry to hear that Jack was sick... hopefully he is all better now!