Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Progestrone Battle

On Friday the 27th my numbers only rose from 103 to 114.... Devistating. I had them check my progestrone... 3.0 I NEED SUPPLEMENTS!!!! My dr said to call an OB that they would need to advise me considering my history. The OB at the first hospital said in order to be prescribed prometrium I would need to have 3 miscairages and I only have suffered 2... I wanted to kill someone. I am sorry, let me get this straight. I am telling you my history and nessesity for my baby to grow needing progestrone supps and your telling me it has to die to get them?!?! I called another hospital, Jack's hospital further from home and asked for the same thing. They remembered my name were very timely ( bad hospital tok 5 hours to get back to me, they got back within the hour) and they said they didnt want to until next week because it is trending like an eptopic and they dont want to mask an eptopic. I said ok numbers again monday then supps. I had a nagging feeling inside though that I needed these on board ASAP. I went to the ER at 730pm complaining of the left sided cramping I had...exagerating a bit. And they did an US 5 hours later and ruled out eptopic at this point. I called forst thing saturday morning to the good hospital and on call widwife sent in the prescription right away. I took two vaginal supps yesterday and one a night from now on... we will see. I don't know if things will work out but ive seen a lot of stories which they do. I have faith and hope. I want this baby so badly.

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