Monday, December 3, 2012


Okay all, I am trying to focus on returning to bloggyland.  So for now here is an update in bullet points.

  • Jack is ONE! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown.  I will do a photo post of his big bash as soon as I get the pictures. 
  • I have had my daycare for about a year now and think I finally have my head wrapped around how to work out all the kinks in my business and have a plan to do so for a way to start the new year fresh.
  • My marriage is stronger than ever.
  • My PCOS had seemed when stopping breast feeding to have gone away for the most part but after getting pregnant and miscarrying again i am back to no periods and questioning pregnancy and or ovulation every other day. Lovely. 
  • I am about to start a med/exercise/eating regimen that I am hoping helps with all of that.
  • I found a wonderful church we all are loving!!! It has made the largest most positive impact on my life. 
  • I am going to be a Godmother again in April and I am beyond excited. It is my BFF's baby girl Amelia Kate ( after me and her momma EEEK (holding back excitement) !
  • I am rededicating myself to blogging because it is such a great outlet for me and community. I hope I didn't lose all of my followers from being MIA so long. Mommyhood has brought me so much joy and kept me off the charts busy but I still have my struggle with infertility and pregnancy loss. and would like to still serve that community as I can. 
Thanks all who are still reading me on their feeds. I am BACK!!