Saturday, December 29, 2012

A few bullet updates During the busy holiday season!

Jason would K-I-L-L me if he knew I put this up here buuuut (and such a cute butt) it is too funny to pass over. He was getting Jack into the tub when he realized his son was urinating on him HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is how things have been lately the good the bad and the laugh til you pee on daddy. 

I got my sewing machine back out recently and made my first pillow case dress for my god daughter. It was some very special fabric I could not find a way to use and I am so glad to have made something from it. 
This is Jack opening presents at our friends Christmas party this year with his girlie Grace. 
She is such a good present unwrapping helper (like I was when I was little) Thanks Gracie!

Danielle made the girls sleepover packs in a duffle bag with cookie mix, frosting, hot cocoa, movie, books, blankie, doll ect. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!

Jack is LOVING tubby time in his new tub seat...and needs a haircut! LOL

My sis in laws and Jack and his cousins Ethan and Jake. We had a GREAT Christmas this fuss. It was much needed. 

My sister and her Girlfriend Joanna and I have a blast together. I love them and they made my Christmas perfect. I am so happy my sister has someone who makes her happy and grounds her. 

Jacks newest milestones are that he pulls to standing and couch walks now all the time. kneels to play too!!!

AAaaaand feeds himself real food!!!! We struggled with a HUGE gag reflex issue and I didn't think we would ever see this so it was a big mommy moment for me.

Jason totaled our car last week. He wasn't injured by the grace of God but we are in a bit of a rough place trying to trade in our truck for a more family centered vehicle and get him a cheap safe reliable car to drive to work all at once. But I think we found the trade in family car today STAY are coming this week once the deal goes through...Her name is "Minnie". ;)

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  1. So glad to hear that you had a great Christmas!!! :) Love all of the photos. What a cutie he is!! That dress you made is adorable. Sorry to hear about the car accident but glad everyone is okay.