Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

My husband and myself spent the night at home with a great girlfriend of ours. We got take out, had champagne  played board games and watched a movie all while the baby slept.  It was a BLAST.  

I just realized I still refer to Jack my 13 month old as The Baby. haha He really is quite the big boy now. 

I don't know if I would call it a "resolution" but starting now I am on my weight loss(80lb)/ PCOS regulating journey. I am going to be taking 6 all natural supplements daily. Prenatal, Metformin,pure  raspberry keytones, Caralluma Fimbriata, Moringa and Green coffee bean extract. Along with weight watchers and using my fitnesspal app and exercising. I want to feel good about myself physically again, feel comfortable in public (beach ect.) , and get back a lot of that energy i used to have.   OH YEAH and get pregnant on my own and sustain the pregnancy!!

What are your changes you are making this coming year?


  1. Happy New Year!!! :) Very best of luck with your resolutions for the new year. My main one is just to spend more time everyday, playing down on the floor with Alidia... nothing else to distract us but each other. Even being home all day with her, I don't do this enough because there is always work to be done, chores, laundry, etc. So far it is going well and we're both loving it! :)

  2. I hope 2013 brings all of that and more! I have been reading about a supplement lately for PCOS called myoinositol (not sure if I spelled that right) so that may be something worth looking up. Wish you all the best. And they will ALWAYS be our babies:] Happy New Year!