Thursday, December 15, 2016

Getting ME back

It has been a long road of infertility and loss, 8 years- 2 diagnoses, One 5 year old and 5 angel babies later and I need to pour into me. I was 140 pounds in 2008 and now a whopping 268 lb. I have gained 128 pounds on this roller coaster and I want to give it all back. The anxiety, grief, worry, and weight. The pounds are representative to the burden I have carried and the guilt and shame related to having your body not work for you and not carry your babies safely. 

Everything that has happened along life's journey led me to nursing. I am 5 months away from my BSN and I want to represent what I stand for as a nurse, HEALTH. So here I stand as I have many times before ready to make a change. It is a difficult struggle with food and emotions for me but I believe I am really ready now. 

I have started by trying to drink a gallon of water daily, get in 10,000 steps daily, and at least 5/7 days an additional workout. This next thirty days that workout is CIZE also weight lifting at Orange Circuit

I am drinking shakeology daily. I have started back on Junel (birth control) to regulate my PCOS hormones. I am taking a daily prenatal and drinking apple cider vinegar and raw honey in warm water each morning to detox. Obviously the biggest part and the hardest part is the clean eating. I will be trying to stick to a 80% clean diet

I am going to step out of my comfort zone by being transparent with my weight and by adding in progress photos monthly. Here we go!

This was taken Day 1. I am currently on day 3 and have almost hit the 10,000 step goal and got my CIZE workout in on day 1 and day 2! I am working at my goals today currently. I cannot wait to see results! I will do this for me!

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