Thursday, December 29, 2016


My spring schedule just came out. I feel like my last semester in nursing school, or at least the first 7 weeks will be manageable with working at least 24-36 hours a week. I am not sure how I will maintain that with the last 7 weeks of practicum but I will figure it out, I have the last four years. 

My last semester of my BSN starts in two weeks. The first seven weeks I will be doing high acuity nursing 2 lectures a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and clinical Monday nights on a med surg unit. simulation lab on Thursdays and working 10 hour overnights on Sundays and Thursdays. The last seven weeks I will be taking a leadership lecture doing intensive research for a senior capstone project and following an individual nurse for practicum clinical 24-36 hours week. That last half I am not sure how I will fit in all that I need to do with my son and working. I have faith that God will provide. I am in the home stretch now. I graduate with my BSN in 17 weeks. It is surreal. 

On a self-care front I have been taking some time on my break to do face masks and nails, reading a snarky book about motherhood called "operating Instructions", and considering starting a bullet journal to help me manage my goals for the year. 

On the fitness front, I SUCK. I haven't made workouts the priority they need to be. I am working on it every day. I am making healthy choices with my food 50% of the time. It needs to be 85%. I need to remove processed food from my life. Easier said than done. 
I have been good about getting in about 10,000 steps a day. I haven't been good at wearing my garmin all the time. 

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