Sunday, October 17, 2010


So after i sent my letter and my SIL came back with..."Im upset that you think you have the right to upset me with a "poor Kate" letter. I will never ask you to babysit ever again Kate."

I told her exactly how i felt and held nothing back as I had before with the polite, politically correct letter. And said when can we get together to talk about this. it has been 4 days and I have gotten no response, no phone call, no email, and no text.

I am really starting to realize how completely selfish she is. I wrote her a long time coming letter politely letting her know how sad i feel i only hear from her when she needs a sitter and how insensative i feel like that is seeing my situation. And instead of her relaizing this and apologizing like any sensative woman would do hearing that from a SIL she tells me that and then says shes got too much going on and SHE's too HURT to talk about it....PAAAAHHHLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE!!! UGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!
SOOOO frustrating!

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  1. Hated to hear what you've been dealing with reguarding your SIL..I sure do hope that situation gets better.
    On a side note..was just wondering if you ever got my package in the mail?