Saturday, July 30, 2011

Car Accident

This morning on my ride to work I rearended someone who stopped on a dime so they wouldnt rear end another person who turned without a blinker.

It was terrible. I tightened up slammed on the breaks and hit her. I was crying and freaking out. I am 15 weeks pregnant with a miracle IVF baby and something so stupid can happen in a second and take it all away from us. The seatbelt tightened around my lower abdomen and by the time the cops arrived (an hour after i called) I was very crampy and starting to get super nervous. The other woman was okay. She was a sister of some sort and prayed with me for the baby as we were leaving to go to the hospital. I am convinced now that something worse would have happen had I continued my route to work today...instead God sent a religious woman for me to rearend and pray for me before I got checked out to be okay.

We got to the ER and nobody was there we got right in. I lost another pound. Still have been pretty sick so... makes sense. All my vitals were good strong heartbeat for the baby. And then they did an ultrasound....UNBELIEVABLE. The baby was kicking and punching and flipping... It was priceless, Jason screamed HOLY SHIT did you see that!!! he kept commenting on the profile of our small baby. nose mouth eyes sucking thumb taking gulps of fluid. rolling around so we could see the spine, the feet, the long legs and arms all five fingers. I was in awe and so glad baby was okay. I was so worried I might see a picture of a baby with no movements and heartbeat. I am so blessed. A true reminder how precious everyday of this pregnancy is.

thank you God.