Monday, July 11, 2011

12 Weeks

I don't know why but this feels like the biggest milestone for us. I am starting to come out of the constant nausea KNOCK ON WOOD. I am coming into the extreme fatigue. My Husband has been absolutely wonderful. He is waiting on me hand and foot. Worries about everything. Took my nail polish away because he thought it would be bad for the baby, hhaha but even funnier...I Went to the ocean the other day and before I left he said you wont go in the water will you??? I said umm yah, and he said are you allowed to go in the ocean?? I said YES why?! He said i dont know...Ocean monsters...hahahahahahaa. SO CUTE.

My nipples are growing along with everything else and now they are dry and so so so itchy. UGG that's the worst. does anyone else experience this with their pregnancies?? I had this last time before the miscarriage too.

The crib is set up and the medicine fridge is out. I am now at the point where I would like to give away my extra meds. I have some follistim, 2 boxes of Menapur, and extra needles and sanitary wipe things. If anyone is interested please let me know and give me your private email so i can mail them to you.

Thursday I have my first official ob appointment. I hope to see my gummy bear again. If I had to guess I would say I have a pink ballerina in there. The heartbeat on the Doppler is 170-167 consistently.

My boobs are porn star quality now. they have gone up 2 sizes. my nails are strong and long and beautiful for the first time ever, and my super thick hair is even thicker.

I love my baby so much already. I cant wait to meet him or her. I listen to the heartbeat like 2 times a day at least and imagine what it will be like to hold that little piece of me and Jason. Close to my chest, rocking, singing sweet lullabies to My Baby* oh my gosh. It brings me to tears just to think about it.

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  1. So very sweet! And so generous to give away your meds! You certainly don't need them now! :)